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Matt Calus

About Matt Calus

Matt oversees all of DreamMaker's production needs, including scheduling, warehouse operations, training, and vehicle maintenance. For the last 17 years, Matt has worked as a firefighter/paramedic/SWAT medic and training officer. He and his wife Marsha live in Howell, but are planning a move to Green Oak Township this fall. They have three kids: Christopher, who is 9, Callan, who is 7, and Caila, who will be 3 soon. The boys keep them busy with travel baseball, and the kids will all start jujitsu soon. In his spare time, Matt will stay on part-time with Green Oak Township Fire Department, as a Sergeant and Training Officer. Matt is also a new beekeeper, and is training their German Shepherd, Onyx, to do scent work.

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