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About Derek

I grew up working for a number of my father’s many small businesses. As the ‘owners kid’ you develop a fondness for small, tight-knit operations where you know everyone involved; the kind of operations where everyone has a stake and is strongly motivated to do the absolute best job possible because your business depends on it. Between the close, capable and highly motivated team and a clearly-defined, value-centered process constantly tuned for improvement, DreamMaker had an immediate appeal.

As a family, we routinely travel together. My parents live on a lake and family watersports (skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, tubing., etc, etc) are basically our entire summer. Last year, we started a wonderful ‘Sunday family dinner’ tradition and I suspect we will not be doing away-with it anytime soon.

My wife and I both work in design fields and we love our creative side projects. She is an avid painter and I love building and fabricating projects of all sizes. I enjoy working with many materials but I particularly enjoy working with wood.

In a family full of dentists; I had every intention of following suit. I started at the University of Michigan for pre-dentistry and worked for a number of years in several dental labs fully intent on being a dentist one day. While working in these labs I discovered that I enjoyed the CAD and wax model lab work a great deal more than the dentistry component. At the suggestion of a family friend, also a dentist, I went on a tour for a design school. The tour won me over completely; a week later I enrolled and its been design ever since.

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