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About Erin Bostrom

Problem-solving and space-planning have always been a passion for Erin. She has loved creating different layouts for spaces ever since she was in grade school. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Interior Design, she worked in lighting, so she has a deep understanding of how different lighting applications can help create the best impact. In her spare time, she loves baking – cupcakes are her specialty. You can also catch her relaxing with a good book or catching up on some of her favorite TV shows. Quite frequently, you can find her in random antique shops and re-use centers, looking for the perfect piece of furniture to up-cycle.

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... self-health: mind, body, and spirit.

... historical exhibits, or watch documentaries on different American folklore.

... is a well-organized space, whether it’s at home or at the office. It helps to clear my mind and keep me focused.

... all the people in my life: family, friends, and coworkers.

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