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5 reasons to have a dedicated beverage station

Why should you put a beverage serving station in your kitchen? Aside from the fact that it's a growing trend, a beverage station can be used in a multitude of ways, including a coffee bar, cocktail prep area, smoothie center, and more (1).

The function that used to be served by butler’s pantries have now evolved into spaces that serve as both wet bars and storage areas; when you’re entertaining, they provide extra counter space, and keep kitchens uncluttered (2). 

Today’s beverage stations fall somewhere between simple – for example, adding a simple prep sink and half-size fridge - and more complex, which would involve installing a full wet bar with dedicated seating.

Here are five good reasons to put in a beverage station:

1. Give the chef more room to work. When you make room outside of the food prep area for the party, this allows the host to manage cooking or prep work without guests underfoot. For amateur chefs and those who are frequent entertainers, a beverage station is a must-have. Creating a dedicated area for drinks keeps the serving and entertaining area separate from the cooking area.

5 reasons to have a dedicated beverage station

2. Leave more room in the fridge for food storage. A beverage station takes some pressure off the main refrigerator, leaving more room for food. (3 -- )When looking at the capacity you need for cans and bottles, and the space you have, consider how much you need to keep cool. [There are] beverage coolers that hold as few as 12 cans, or more than 150 cans.

5 reasons to have a dedicated beverage station

3. A beverage station can be useful additional counter space for small appliances, or can be helpful for everyday food prep when you are not entertaining. (3): If you are considering a built-in beverage refrigerator as part of your station, keep in mind that their lower profile allows a countertop and/or cabinet panel to be installed over them to blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

5 reasons to have a dedicated beverage station

4. The convenience is something your guests will appreciate - they can cater to their own drink needs, right within the kitchen, without hauling ice and coolers, or having to walk to a basement or garage fridge. Having a beverage station means the host also has fewer resupply trips (3), or offering drinks/coolers/ice in various locations throughout the party.

5. Beverage stations give you space that can be devoted to a mixologist’s accessories (2) and your liquors. Show off your barware (or other collections), plus you have room to store any bar utensils and serving dishes separately from your everyday servingware.


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