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How to Choose the Right Contractor

You should ask a lot of questions before choosing the right contractor for a remodel. Here are some basic things to consider:

1) Vet them carefully. You will be spending a lot of time with the contractor and their employees. They will be in your home, often when you are not there. Read their reviews online, request real references, and ask friends and neighbors who they have trusted.

2) Are they good listeners? What’s important to YOU needs to be important to THEM. Do they listen to you, and value your input?

3) Who will be doing the design work and materials selections? Everyone needs to know who is expected to provide the layout/design, select your project’s materials, purchase the materials, and handle any issues with the products.

How to Choose the Right Contractor

<p><strong>4) Do they have a hard start date, and end date? Is there a&nbsp;dedicated project manager?&nbsp;</strong>It’s important to know who you&nbsp;need to talk to about scheduling and other issues that will crop up during the&nbsp;project.</p><p><strong>5) Do they guarantee their work?</strong> What if a&nbsp;product defect causes a problem with your tile a month or two after your&nbsp;project? Who is responsible for it, and what can you do?</p><p><strong>6) How do they keep down the dust?</strong> Dust can travel throughout an entire home very quickly. Do they protect the floors and other surfaces? Will they run an air cleaner while doing&nbsp;demolition and drywall work?</p><p><strong>7) Do they use employees or subcontractors?</strong> Are their workers covered under workers’ compensation and&nbsp;liability insurance?</p><p><br></p>

How to Choose the Right Contractor

<p>It can be an intimidating process trying to find someone to&nbsp;renovate your home. Ask the right questions, talk to people, and trust your gut. The right contractor for the project is&nbsp;worth waiting for, and is worth what&nbsp;they charge.<em></em></p>

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