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2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

Predictions for kitchen countertop trends for 2022 are here, a couple of months ahead of the new year!

1. Of course, since we’re still dealing with COVID, surfaces that are antimicrobial like Corian are rising in popularity. (4) A FIXR survey of design pros say easy to clean and antimicrobial surfaces will continue to be in demand. (3) This includes acrylic, which has similar qualities to quartz, and it comes in a variety of colors (2). Corian and acrylic are both certified food-safe as well, which is often used in the hospitality industry, but as much not in residential applications. (Photo courtesy of Corian.com)

2. Wood can be an ecofriendly choice and is gaining popularity. It is important to remember that food-safe sealers and finishes must be used on this type of countertop.

2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

3. Porcelain is up and coming – but offers a thinner, modern look that for the moment is more often seen on the West Coast. Dekton, a brand we carry, is a durable and compact material that is stain-resistant and will not etch. (4)

4. Soapstone is another option, has nice veining, and the darker slabs are preferred because they get a patina from absorbing oils and aging with use. Sealing can minimize the patina look, however. (4)

2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

5. Tempered glass is easy to clean, ecofriendly, and highly resistant to scratching.

6. Marble is visually appealing (2) and is great in kitchens, particularly for islands, even if you use another material for your main countertops. The surface of marble is good for pasta making and baking. 

2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

7. Quartz is the most popular choice today for kitchen countertops. They are the most popular because of their durability and that they can look like marble, natural stone, or other surfaces. They are easy to maintain as well (1). Quartz, which is made of primarily plastic resin and ground quartz, is nonporous and resistant to stains, not to mention heat-resistant. No sealing or other maintenance is necessary, like concrete or granite (2).

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1. The Kitchen Shops

2. USA Marble & Granite

3. The Decorologist

4. Houzz Magazine

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