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Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas - 2020

With COVID cases on the rise around the country, we’re all starting to look at making a few changes to a favorite holiday. Downsizing the number of people who are sharing a meal is the main difference for most of us.

Besides the fact that we won’t need to borrow chairs and tables from the neighbors, we did find some positive things about smaller Thanksgiving get-togethers in 2020.

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Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas - 2020

- Don’t cook – Order out this year. And there are lots of great options!

- Fewer leftovers mean you’re more organized - If you haven’t done it yet, take a few minutes to clear out the unmatched food storage containers and lids in your cupboard.

- Try a turkey alternative – For those who are not fans of turkey, this is your year. Why not try a ham? Lobster? Enchiladas? Cornish game hens? Pumpkin stew? Eggplant lasagna? Chinese food? Why not. It’s 2020!

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Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas - 2020

If, however, you just can’t fathom the idea of a small group, or you simply need a change of scenery, then do it safely:

- Start a quarantine – It should begin this week, for everyone who plans to get together in person during Thanksgiving weekend.

- Serve others – Make contact-less food deliveries for those who are at risk, or find a local food pantry that needs volunteers to pack holiday supply boxes prior to Thanksgiving Day.

- Host a virtual event:

       o Make it a competition - Send everyone in your group the same puzzle ahead of time, and have a puzzle-building race on Zoom.

       o Be interactive - Watch something together via Zoom (like the Thanksgiving Day parade or your team’s football game) and come up with a fun rule to enact while watching. One example would be to throw beads at your webcam each time the parade commentators say “Isn’t that amazing?” Or show off your best touchdown dance when you hear “They really need to improve the defense.”

       o Play some online games together – Companies like Jackbox have family-friendly options for groups, up to 100 people.

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Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas - 2020

And whatever you pick as your main dish and sides, buy early, recommends the grocery industry. 

“We always see an uptick in baking products at this time of year, but we’ve noticed that customers are starting their holiday baking shopping earlier than normal, filling their pantries with supplies sooner,” Scott Crawford, chief merchandising officer, FreshDirect, says. “We’ve also seen some movement in non-perishables such as canned goods like pumpkin puree, pastas, and spices.” He and other retailers agreed that organic butter is one product that will be hard to find this year.

With a little planning, 2020’s Thanksgiving can still be fun for everyone!

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen wishes our entire community a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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