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Trend Alert: Porcelain Countertops

Move over granite, quartz, and marble countertops! There is a new kid in town: ultracompact surface countertops, better known as porcelain. These countertops are making headlines with their virtual indestructibility and the array of colors available.

Why are porcelain countertops so amazing? Porcelain is a ceramic product that has been heat-treated until it becomes so hard, that it’s virtually non-porous and resistant to heat and scratches.

1) This material, like laminate countertops, is available in a wide array of patterns and colors, but it is basically indestructible. Porcelain can be made to mimic the look of marble or granite, without any of the long-term maintenance they require. It can be purchased in a glossy sheen or a honed matte-style finish. Both honed marble and granite soak up oils and other spills, unless they're treated; when you treat them, the matte finish wears off over time.

Trend Alert: Porcelain Countertops

2) Unlike laminates, this material will not fade, chip, or scratch, and is rated at 30% stronger than granite. This is what makes porcelain a great backsplash material, too. Like solid surface or wood countertops, porcelain is made for the chef. Since it’s virtually stain-proof, you don’t have to worry about red wine spills or coffee rings. Because of its durability, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your countertops with the drop of a cast iron pan.

3) This is a green material. Porcelain is mostly just clay; it’s mixed with resin to create a pattern or color. When you’re ready to update your countertops again, porcelain can be recycled.

Trend Alert: Porcelain Countertops

4) Finally, porcelain countertops are rated for exterior use. If you're looking to create an outdoor kitchen, porcelain could be your countertop solution.

5) Countertops aren't the only thing porcelain is good for; porcelain flooring and shower tiles are also a big hit. And very stylish.

Not sure what type of countertop you need? Check out our two-part blog on choosing countertops, part 1 and part 2. Or, if you'd rather chat with one of our designers, they would be happy to recommend a particular surface for flooring, tile or countertops, depending on your family's needs. Call 734-669-4000, or email

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