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4 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas You Need Now

All four of these great storage ideas can be retrofitted into your existing kitchen, or if you are remodeling now, you can talk about having them built in!

1 – Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic strips keep your knives handy, and it's so easy to put them away. There are many styles to choose from. You can mount it on the wall, or get a standing version. They start at around $10 for a very basic strip and go up to around $60 for something more elaborate.

4 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas You Need Now

2 – Pop-up Shelf/Mixer Stand

One of the most innovative things in cabinetry today is the hideaway mixer shelf. Mixers take up a lot of space and most of us don’t use them often enough to leave them on the counter. Trying to pull them out of a storage cabinet can be frustrating. This hideaway shelf lets you keep your mixer ready, yet hidden away. 

Maybe it’s not the mixer but the food processor that takes up space; you can use this shelf to store any small appliance. If your kitchen is already renovated, you can get a shelf retrofitted for your kitchen. Retrofitted shelves range from around $50 to $200, depending on the weight, style of lift, and size of the shelf.

4 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas You Need Now

3 – In-Cabinet Spice Racks

There are several options for spice racks. Some of our cabinetry offers slide-out options, so you can pull the whole rack of spices out while cooking, then put it back later. There are also door-mounted spice racks and lower cabinets that can be dedicated to spice storage. These can be installed on your existing cabinetry if you don’t need to replace what you already have. These gems start at around $4.00 and can go up to $150.00, depending on the size, material, and design.

4 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas You Need Now

4 – Board/Bakeware/Pan Organizers

This is another great built-in feature you can get with new cabinetry. These roll-out options help you access cutting boards or cookie sheets easily. Static organizers are around $7.00. If you’d like a roll-out organizer, they start at around $50.00 and can be retrofitted to your existing cabinetry. Great for pan lids too!

Whether you need better storage or an entirely new kitchen, talk to one of the designers at DreamMaker. They have great ideas for ultra-organized kitchens! Email us at info@dm-remodel.com, or call 734-669-4000.

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