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8 Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

When it’s time for a new kitchen, you might be tempted to try some of the newest kitchen remodeling ideas. But will trendy kitchen inspirations stand the test of time?

We spend a lot of time looking for the latest and greatest… everything. We update most of our tech stuff pretty frequently, to enable us to work and communicate better, and be closer to the pulse of today’s living.

But when it comes to remodeling, it’s not quite as easy to upgrade whenever there is something new to try. When you’re remodeling, you want to update it, make it work better for you, and make it look amazing.

How do you keep up with all the latest trends in your kitchen, when most of us don’t update it often? Here’s a list of some of the trends that have seen stand the test of time. And, best of all, these tips make updating your kitchen simple.

1. Ceiling-Height Backsplashes

It’s pretty common to see a kitchen backsplash go from the countertops to the cabinetry. If you want to draw attention to that gorgeous stove, though, you might think about doing a backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

This can be an eye-catching statement, and if you choose a neutral tile, makes redecorating a breeze. You can’t go wrong with a white or off-white subway tile. White kitchens have been the “in” thing for a very long time and we don’t expect that to change soon.

If basic isn’t your thing, think about using color in a subtle but complimentary way. The blue glass tile in the image above is the perfect “pop” of color in this white kitchen. It has a beachy feel, and it creates a gorgeous contrast for the stainless steel hood.

Notice how the rest of the kitchen has a neutral tile that also goes to the ceiling. These homeowners are showcasing their backsplash, but it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the kitchen.

This style of backsplash is also practical: it’s easier than scrubbing walls, and you don’t have to worry about fading color. A glass backsplash holds up better against humidity as well.

2. Complimentary Islands

An island makes a kitchen so versatile. Whether you need a second sink, extra seating, or more prep room, an island can solve those problems.

An island can also be a fun way to create a center “design piece” that is also functional. There are endless styles to choose from. One of our favorite trends over the last few years has been selecting an island cabinetry color or countertops to complement the perimeter of a kitchen.

There are a lot of creative ways you can do this. Depending on how adventurous you want to get, you can even consider mixing and matching countertop materials. Do you love marble, but realize it’s not the best material for your baking hobby? Why not use marble around the perimeter of your kitchen, and look at quartz or granite for the island?

If you choose an island cabinetry in a color that is a few shades darker or lighter than your existing cabinetry, it will really make your island stand out. We’ve seen this trend for quite a while, so there’s not much worry that it will be out of style anytime soon.

8 Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

3. Textured or Colored Accent Tiles

Tiles are a great way to add color and warmth to your kitchen. You can never go wrong with a basic neutral tile, but there are so many options now, with textures and patterns that imitate other surfaces. For example, a stone-look tile can add a rustic warmth and a pop of subtle color.

There are also tiles that are better suited for accents. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching. Dark, or shimmering tiles can add a very nice element to your kitchen as well. Neutral wall tile can be “spiced up” by adding in some smaller tiles with a design element and some textured molding.

In this example above, these long, skinny subway tiles have the occasional dark tile that adds just enough color to bring the room together. You might have noticed that this home has one of the “mix and match” islands as well. This kitchen is gorgeous, and will be stylish for quite a long time.

4. Design for Storage

The biggest issue facing any homeowner is storage – even more so in the kitchen. In large kitchens, it can be daunting to remember where everything is, while in smaller kitchens, the lack of space can be a drawback.

In older kitchens, pantries were built to be utilitarian, but not stylish. Thankfully, cabinetry has come a long way in the last few years. You can have both a gorgeous kitchen and plenty of space, especially with some of the new creative organizational options. Storage is a breeze, if you have a pull-out spice rack, a stow-away pop-up shelf for the mixer, and cabinets that feature pull-out shelving.

Even a large kitchen can use some help in this department. A pantry with wide pull-out shelves can help keep things even better organized. Consider drawers in your kitchen to store plasticware and pots and pans. There is nothing more timeless than keeping things neat!

8 Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

5. Built-in Beverage Bar

If you have a large kitchen, a beverage bar is a space that you will use day and night. Just like the island, you can consider doing a mix and match look, to create a distinction between the bar and the rest of the room. This is also the place to showcase your special stemware, fun mugs, or special bottles of your favorite drinks.

6. Timeless Tops

Countertops are a great place to spend money on a kitchen remodel. Recently, lots of great materials have surfaced that are both affordable and stylish. However, the trend for many years has been a stone countertop of some sort. There are more cost-effective countertops on the market today, but investing in quality surfaces will be a good return on your investment.

Granite has been king for a long time in the world of countertops, but it looks like quartz may be usurping that reign.

Regardless if you go with stone, wood, stainless steel, or even glass countertops, today’s materials are engineered to look gorgeous for many years to come.

8 Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

7. Pendant Lighting 

Having the right lighting can either set the mood, or can date your kitchen. Thankfully, light fixtures can be changed out pretty easily, and you should be able to find some to suit your fancy, in just about any price range.

Pendant lights have been around for a long time. This type of fixture is perfect over a dinner table, an island, or above the sink. This style is subtle, but can make a bold statement.

8. Under-Cabinet Lighting

This is one of the most useful trends we’ve seen in a while. Under-cabinet lighting can be temporary, or hard-wired into a light switch.

If you are getting ready to do a remodel, but want extra lighting now, consider LED rope or tape. These are soft lights that can run the length of your cabinetry, so you can have a nice ambiance, and the ability to see more clearly what you’re working on. Under-cabinet lighting is a DreamMaker designer favorite! (You can see examples of both under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights in the image above.)

No matter what type of remodel you’re looking to do, from a few cosmetic touch-ups to a full overhaul, the DreamMaker design team is happy to provide you with tips and guidance. Give them a call today to discuss your ideas and dreams! 734-669-4000, or email us at info@dm-remodel.com to get in touch.

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