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2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

If you’re curious to know what people are spending money on for their kitchen remodels in 2022 vs. 2021, you could read all 39 pages of a new report by Houzz… but we have summarized it here to make it a quick read.

1. Countertops! For recent remodels, 91% of homeowners report replacing their countertops. 35% of those say they spent more than they had originally planned.

MATERIALS: Quartz countertops are the leader still, with 42% of homeowners selecting that material. Granite is a close second, and quartzite moved up a bit on the list, which also included solid surfaces, laminate, and concrete.

COLORS: White is overwhelmingly picked for the countertop color, with 39% of those surveyed picking white over multicolor or gray.

ISLAND CONTRAST: 24% of those surveyed add or upgrade an island, and pick an island countertop that contrasts with the color of the rest of the countertops.

2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

2. Backsplashes! 86% of those surveyed upgraded their backsplash, and 20% of those spent more than they planned.

MATERIALS: 56% of those homeowners are using either ceramic or porcelain tile, but a few (11%) used marble.

WHERE IT GOES: 66% indicated that their backsplash went from the countertop to upper cabinets; only 19% selected to partially cover that same area. 1 in 10 projects take backsplashes from the counter to the ceiling.

3. Flooring! The top choice continues to be stained or unstained hardwood; but vinyl/resilient flooring has now doubled in use since 2019, pushing ceramic or porcelain tile flooring down to 19% of those remodeling in 2022.

4. Colors! 41% of those surveyed picked white for their cabinets and backsplashes and 32% picked it for their walls. Gray is a close second for wall paint color. Stainless steel is still the most popular selection for appliances, at 74%.

2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

5. Cabinets! 65% of renovations in this survey indicated that cabinets were replaced completely, while 29% partially replace them. 25% add cabinets, and 23% replace only cabinet doors.

64% of these homeowners pick a Shaker style cabinet as well. 

43% of these projects chose custom cabinets, while just 21% picked stock or ready-to-assemble cabinets. White is the most prominent color for cabinets, followed by wood and gray. And solid wood cabinets are still the choice of most homeowners (76%).

2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

6. Storage! Pullouts for waste/recycling are still popular in most kitchens (63%), and 40% prefer deep drawer storage. 51% of us want specialty storage for baking sheets, spices, and cutlery.

2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

7. BIG Islands! Of homeowners who upgraded or added an island to their kitchens, almost 40% specified one that is 7’ or longer. 25% of homeowners chose one under 6’. Islands are noted for uses like entertaining (52%) and socializing (44%). 20% now indicate that their island is their workstation as well.

8. Beverage fridges! Almost 20% of homeowners are adding easy access to drinks, in order to keep out of the way of the chef.

9. Technology! 35% of homeowners say at least one of their new appliances have some sort of high-tech features. And 40% say that docking stations/charging areas are a must-have.

10. Lights! Undercabinet and recessed lights seem to have held their value to homeowners, but pendant lights are definitely becoming more popular.

2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends - A Summary

11. Décor! Once your kitchen is closing in on being finished, what decorations are you looking to purchase? Bar stools, art for walls, and window coverings seem to lead the list. Dining tables, plants and chairs follow close behind.

12. Small appliances! Air fryers and food storage appliances are the only competitors to our first loves, coffee makers.

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