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Considering Pet Needs Before a Kitchen Remodel

We definitely love our pets in this country! They've certainly been a lifeline for sanity while we're all spending more time at home. 

It’s been proven that ads - regardless of the industry or product they are for - featuring cats or dogs always have better results than those that don’t. It’s because we’re invested; according to
American Pet Products, we spent 75 billion dollars on our pets in 2019 alone.

Even the 2020 Super Bowl reflected our pet obsession. One of the Super Bowl ads, for Weather Tech floor mats, actually ended up being a plea for donations to a local veterinary school that saved the life of one of their employees’ pets. To celebrate his Super Bowl win, one of the Chiefs’ players paid all the adoption fees for animals at a Kansas City shelter.

So it’s no stretch to think about having our pets’ needs accommodated when we remodel our homes. There are several ways your designer can help you and your pet make your kitchen more efficient, safe, and clean!

Considering Pet Needs Before a Kitchen Remodel

<p><strong>Food, Cleaning and Sleep</strong></p><p><span style="background-color: initial;">- The kitchen is everyone’s feeding space –Built-in food and water stations under or at the base of an island are not only stylish but a great use of space. Food storage near the station also keeps things neat and clean. Even a stand-alone dresser can be converted into a pet feeder.</span></p><p>-&nbsp; Naps are important – Creating a pet’s dedicated sleeping space inside what would have been a cabinet, or under an island, gives you less chance of tripping over them while you’re walking around<br>with hot pans full of food.</p><p>- They smell better – Wash stations in mudrooms or kitchens are becoming more and more common. A stainless steel pan or tiled area, with a hand sprayer and storage for towels and soap, is an easy way to keep the entire house cleaner.</p><p>- Flooring choices for us and them – We put enough wear and tear on our floors ourselves, but we also have to make sure the floors can stay in decent condition regardless of our pets. There are quite a few things to keep in mind about your lifestyle and your pet’s needs when it comes to picking out new floors. <a href="">We like the four points of consideration in this blog post</a>: Traction, comfort, resistance and appearance.</p>

Considering Pet Needs Before a Kitchen Remodel

<p><strong>Play Play Play!</strong></p><p>- Let ‘em play outside! – No matter what kind of pet you have, they always seem to be on the “wrong” side of the door. As long as you have a securely fenced yard, you can safely let them let themselves out with a pet door built into a kitchen entrance.</p><p>- Walkies! – You’ve put cubbies and hooks and a closet in for yourself. How about a convenient hook or two for those pesky waste collection bags, fashionable collars, and a leash?</p><p>- Corralling them is sometimes required – Maybe you have a guest over that’s afraid of animals; a repair person needs to come into your home; or you just need to take that heavy casserole out of a hot oven. Built-in pocket gates can be a prettier and more sturdy alternative to a plastic or wire “baby gate.”</p>

Considering Pet Needs Before a Kitchen Remodel

<p><strong>Keeping Them Safe</strong></p><p>- Off the countertops – Cats particularly tend to challenge themselves by playing in the highest spaces they can. In the kitchen, however, this can be dangerous as they could eat something off the countertop that’s not good for them, burn themselves, or accidentally turn the water on while you’re not home. Having a cat tree, window seats, or other play areas for them in other parts of the house may distract them from hanging out in the kitchen too much.</p><p>- Garbage receptacles stored out of their view and reach – Though we think of under-counter waste cans as very commonplace now, it’s a good idea to have one when you have pets, if only to prevent a mess from happening while you’re at work.</p><p>- No more chewed cords – Appliance garages seem to be something you either hate, or love. We say it’s a great idea to put away those items that take up counter space but still need to be in reach. Plus, then the cords and plugs are not accessible to curious little chewers.</p><p>While it is “one more thing” to think about with your kitchen designer, what better way to show our love and appreciation for our pets, than to consider their needs along with ours when we remodel?</p><p><em>If you have a kitchen remodel coming up, meet with one of our professional designers to chat about your pet’s needs and your other must-haves. Call us for an appointment at 734-669-4000, or email us at <a href=""></a></em></p>

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